Interview with Outdoor Guernsey


Specialising in adventurous, outdoor island activities, Outdoor Guernsey talk us through the range of activities they offer and what to try.


10th September 2018

The Duke of Richmond Hotel

With its unspoilt coastline and natural landscape, Guernsey is a destination created for who love to explore the Great Outdoors. Fortunately, guests at The Duke of Richmond Hotel can take advantage of the expertise of local company Outdoor Guernsey, who offer a varied range of activities that make the most of the island’s surroundings, from leisurely cycle tours to exhilarating experience of coasteering. Here Ant Ford Parker of Outdoor Guernsey explains what adventuring seek visitors can expect.

Outdoor Guernsey

What makes Guernsey such a great place for outdoor activities?

“For me, it’s a combination of the fact that everything is so easy to reach and there’s no need for long journeys to find nature and wonderful views. Plus, being an Island means we can always find a sheltered bay if we’re doing an activity that requires getting out on the water.”

Can you tell us what coasteering is and why visitors should try it?

“Coasteering is an unusual and exhilarating adventure sport. Guernsey is blessed with some of the best environments for coasteering in the world so it’s a great place to give it a try. It’s a high energy mix of sea level traversing, swimming, jumping and scrambling, all whilst exploring the island’s wonderful coastline, gullies and caves.

Outdoor Guernsey

For those who prefer to explore at a gentler pace, which one of your activities would you recommend?

“I would suggest our cycle tours because they provide such a great insight in to the real Guernsey. The island is well equipped for cycleways so an adventure on two wheels offers a good way to get up close to some of Guernsey’s most interesting landmarks and prettiest landscape. We have a selection of scenic routes to choose from, including the Watchtower tour which explores the fortifications staggered all along the South coast of the island.”

You also offer some more nature-based activities such as puffin-watching and bushcraft. Can you tell us more about what guests can expect from these?

“Experience has taught us that kayaks are just the best way to observe the puffin colonies in Herm without disturbing them. Participants are accompanied by a knowledgeable kayak instructor and puffin watcher who will help ensure that this is a fun and memorable outing. For some a little different, our bushcraft activities are ideal for groups or families to bond and learn traditional skills like firelighting and bush cooking .”

Outdoor Guernsey

What are the most family-friendly activities you offer?

“We offer family sessions for all our activities so they can be modified to suit all ages and abilities.”

What activities would you recommend for the autumn months?

“The sea tends to at its warmest during the Autumn months so it’s a great time for any water-based activity, such as coasteering.”

What tends to be your most popular activity, both year-round and seasonal?

“Kayaking and coasteering are always popular but we’ve also seen a big increase in the demand for paddleboarding, a fantastic activity for improving fitness and core strength in people of all ages, and is our biggest growth activity and will soon overtake them we think.”

Make the most of Guernsey’s great outdoors whilst staying at The Duke of Richmond Hotel.

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