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Built on the site of Guernsey's oldest hotel

The Duke of Richmond Hotel stands on the site originally occupied by what is generally accepted to be Guernsey’s oldest hotel - in Berry’s History of Guernsey, dated 1815, there is a charming engraving of Grover’s Hotel, and this appears to be on the exact site of the present building.

History does not record how long Grover’s Hotel remained in business, but by the turn of the century it had been replaced by the Richmond Boarding House.  A Chamber of Commerce Guide of 1902 stated that the Richmond was the principal boarding house in the Channel Islands. It had 60 rooms and a large dining room to seat 80. It had a full hotel licence, but no bar. There was a big drawing room with balcony, a garden roof and a large garden.

By the 1930s it had blossomed into full licensed hotel premises known as the Richmond Hotel.  After the Nazi occupation during the Second World War it became a hotel again and extensive plans were made for enlargement in 1960.  This resulted in various improvements throughout the following decade.  It was then virtually rebuilt  in 1969 by its new owners, Delrich Hotels, to become the property you see today, re-opening as the Duke of Richmond Hotel in 1970.

The hotel was named after the Third Duke of Richmond, who as Master of the Ordnance had commissioned the famous map of the island of Guernsey in 1769. In 1977 further extensive development resulted in the building of a new sea-view facing block for its rear rooms, four of which had balconies. Various upgrades and on-going refurbishment continued throughout the next thirty four years.  Red Carnation Hotels acquired it in 2011 and totally refurbished it once again.

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