We share our most delicious cocktails, much-loved recipes and favourite foodie destinations, as well as take you behind the scenes of our exquisite dining venues

Wimbledon Afternoon Tea
Spectacular July events

Don't miss: Bluegrass Dinner and Wimbledon Afternoon Tea.


Impress clients in Guernsey
Where to impress clients in Guernsey

From elegant cocktails to delicious dinners and original activities, discover the best places to impress business associates in Guernsey.

13th March 2019

Wheadon's Gin: Guernsey in a glass

Discover the Guernsey gin that's made using island grown botanicals.

11th February 2019

Leopard Bar
Throughout the year

Enjoy a lazy Sunday lunch, take a cocktail masterclass in our Leopard Bar, or embark on a gin or whisky tasting journey.


Halloween Cocktail Recipes
The Duke's Halloween Cocktail

The Duke serves up a deathly ginger Halloween cocktail.

24th October 2018

Christmas Mince Pies
The perfect Christmas mince pie recipe

Master this Christmas time classic with a delectable and foolproof recipe from the pastry team at the Duke of Richmond.

17th October 2018

Rubens Leopard Bar
Take a walk on the wild side at these exotic leopard print inspired bars

With the new Leopard Bar now opened at The Rubens at the Palace, here are six of the best feline-inspired hotspots in which to celebrate this perennially chic print.

25th May 2018

Guernsey Beer
An Introduction to Guernsey Craft Beer

Guernsey is home to craft brewers, White Rock Brewery. Here brewery founder Ross Gledhill talks us through the story behind the brand.

27th April 2018

kids decorating cupcakes at the duke of richmond hotel
Cupcake Decorating for Kids

Kids can now join the chef to decorate their own cupcakes.

30th November 2017

Local Delicacies
A Guide to Guernsey's Delicious Local Delicacies

Here's our guide to the best of Guernsey's local delicacies, and where to find them.

19th June 2017

Guernsey Markets
A Guide to the Best Guernsey Markets

Home to a wonderful array of fresh fruit, vegetables, fruity jams, spiced chutneys and other artisanal produce, landing on Guernsey can feel a little like walking into Eden’s pantry. And to celebrate the island’s fruitfulness (alongside the islanders’ foodie ingenuity), food markets pop up like molehills – everywhere! If you fancy trying some of the

30th January 2017

Guernsey Food
Gourmet Guernsey Food Walks

The Channel Islands undoubtedly have their own distinct landscape and cultural identity that makes them especially intriguing to explore. On Guernsey, the heritage that’s so evident within St Peter Port and along the island’s rugged shores reflects this archipelago’s tumultuous history. But it’s the culinary scene that really makes this island stand out, with a

31st March 2016

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