Rebecca's Chocolates


We interview the owner of local Guernsey artisanal chocolatier Rebecca's Chocolates.


24th September 2019

The Duke of Richmond Hotel

One of Guernsey’s key draws is its flourishing entrepreneurial spirit. Moments from The Duke of Richmond Hotel is Oatlands Village, the hub of the island’s creative cottage industries. Here, a historic brick kiln shares the floor with a host of independent craft boutiques as well as luxury chocolatier Rebecca’s Chocolates. The confectioner is widely known for its elaborate, bespoke creations, ranging from Doctor Who characters and witty cake toppers to beautifully decorated handmade chocolates and truffles. Below, we meet current owner Hanne Paint, who tells us about Rebecca’s Chocolates’ latest edible launches and fun workshops for chocolate enthusiasts.

How did Rebecca’s Chocolates come about?

“Rebecca’s Channel Island Chocolates was started some 20 years ago, but the business has since changed hands. I now run Rebecca’s Chocolates with my husband and have done for the past three years. Together, we’ve introduced new designs and moulds, as well as a number of chocolates that celebrate Guernsey and our surrounding islands. We also make our own delicious fudge on-site using freshly churned Guernsey butter.”

The chocolatier makes individually wrapped, chocolate maps of each Channel Island, in addition to a deliciously creamy Guernsey Parish Map—the perfect souvenir. A white, gold and red Guernsey flag and an intricately moulded chocolate seashell are also popular purchases among visitors to the island.

Rebecca's Chocolates

What has been your most extraordinary creation to date?

“We have had some unusual requests, and we always try to accommodate each and every one of them. So far, one of the more imaginative requests was a chocolate re-creation of Doctor Who’s Tardis, as well as a Dalek and robot dog K9. We once made a chocolate coffin complete with a skull inside. These are only a handful of the designs that we have produced over the years.”

At Easter, a visit to Rebecca’s Chocolates is a must. The chocolatier brings out numerous delightful spring-themed treats. Look out for pink-nosed chocolate bunnies and pigs, colourfully packaged bird’s nests and a broad array of novel egg designs. Throughout the year, any hobby or interest can inspire a Rebecca’s Chocolates creation, whether it’s a beautifully iced piano or a stack of cheerful gardening pots.

Rebecca's Chocolates

What can attendees expect from a workshop with Rebecca’s Chocolates?

“The children’s parties we offer are very popular. Every child can take away the treats that they make in their studio. The whole family is invited to take part. We find that the children really love interacting with their parents or grandparents.”

Rebecca's Chocolates

What inspired your vegan range?

“The Vegan Range, together with our Liquor Range, was introduced to cater for everyone’s unique preferences, including those who are lactose intolerant. Our vegan sweets have proved very popular.”

Rebecca's Chocolates

Are there any other Guernsey producers that you admire?

“As a local business, we admire all of the other Channel Island entrepreneurs.”


Sample Rebecca’s Chocolates’ thoughtfully made and handsomely decorated delights when staying at Red Carnation Hotels’ The Duke of Richmond Hotel or learn a new art at one of its specialised workshops.

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