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The Island of Sark is just 40 minutes on the ferry from Guernsey but is a huge step back in time to a tranquil traffic-free environment overflowing with natural beauty.

Whilst only three miles long, and a mile and a half wide, it boasts 40 miles of what must be one of the most picturesque coastlines anywhere in the world. Dark caves indent into the cliffs and huge austere-looking perpendicular rocks lie in isolated and detached masses off-shore. The varied inlets and bays possess a wealth of sea and bird life. The island's isolated position affords it a large array of bird species, and many hours can be spent watching and admiring the abundance of wildlife.  There are many ways to experience this island of infinite variety - by horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, or on foot….but there are no cars.

Much of its unique charm stems from the fact it’s the smallest self-governing island in Europe. The Channel Islands have belonged to the Crown since the time of William the Conqueror.  In 1565, Queen Elizabeth I granted Sark to Helier de Carteret as a 'fief haubert' and the island's unique status has remained the same ever since. Today, Sark retains this independence but through a fully elected parliament (called the Chief Pleas); neither part of the United Kingdom nor European Union, yet not a sovereign state either.


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