20140211 Outdoor Guernsey

  • Category: Sport
  • Dates: Saturday, 01 March 2014 to Monday, 01 December 2014

It may still feel like the depths of winter in some parts of Britain, but this hasn't stopped the outdoor activity organisers of Guernsey announcing their latest programmes, due to start next month.

The island, which enjoys a more temperate climate as a result of being close to France, is to become a haven for sporting fanatics and adrenaline junkies over the next few weeks. Take a glance below and see which activities appeal.


Guernsey's shorelines are a pleasure to explore with a paddle and a kayak, so make sure you take the opportunity to witness some of the finest coastline in the UK from a completely different perspective. Plough through the waves under the guidance of a qualified instructor, navigating the rockier areas with care and precision. Kayaking is popular on the island from March and can be enjoyed all the way through to November or December.

Herm Island Garden Tours

From the very beginning of April, the gardens of Guernsey begin to light up with all manner of stunning flowers. Join Brett Moore, Herm's head gardener, for an in-depth tour on the neighbouring Herm Island of the many beautiful spaces on this quiet yet charismatic part of Guernsey. No crowds, no cars and no stress. After the two-hour walk and talk session, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the harbour and church.

Your hotel can provide

Make the Duke of Richmond the base of your outdoor excursions during your stay on Guernsey, as we offer a number of packages to suit all sport lovers. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy a power boat tour, kayaking session or coasteering experience, while cyclists may want to experience the Guernsey On 2 Wheels package. Alternatively, leave the adventuring to others and just sit back and enjoy the luxurious surroundings of the four-star boutique hotel.